VSR Gen3 7875 Billet

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VSR Gen3  Billet 78/75
Specs 78/102  High Flow Aero Point Milled Compressor
Turbine 82/75 9 Blade High Efficiency Turbine wheel
Compressor Outlet Std S400/ProMod/GT47 Vband  https://turbo4less.com/product/s400-gt42-gt45-compressor-outlet-vband-assembly/
Turbine Outlet 4″ on T4 1.25 PN S400T4FL
Turbine Outlet 3″ on T4 .96ar PN T763VCL
Turbine Outlet 3.5″ on Dual V-band .96ar PN 35Vband
Oil Drain Thread Pitch M8 x 1.25
Oil feed 1/8 npt to -4 an is recommend

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