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Every once in a while we have fellow racers that are in a situation out of their control and could use some help.  Recently a friend, supporter, and fellow racer had his entire rig stolen from the hotel the night before a drag and drive event.  He woke up the morning of, only to go to the parking lot and find his truck, trailer and car had all been stolen.  Devastated and without any transportation, he and his mother who was participating in this event with him had to make their way home with none of the things they left with.

Understanding everyone has their heartache we wanted to attempt to do all we can to help.  Monkey fab will be donating a portion of our sales to help Calvin out, and if you so choose, you can donate by adding this Racer Rescue Item to your order and 100% of your donation will be sent to Calvin directly.
We set this up in 5 dollar each so you can give as little or as much as you would like.
Thank you for any and all help
Monkey Fab Garage

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Zac Clymer

I feel this is a great way to show appreciation to the community of hot rodding. I’m an avid follower of Calvin’s work with the 4200 platform and can relate to the situation. Although I was able to retrieve my trucks and trailer, I also have been in a similar situation and can’t imagine how much worse it had been if nothing was recovered. Props to Mike and Monkey Fab for stepping up in a huge way, I’ll continue to support as much as possible!

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