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Joe Simpson has put together a great explanation of how Holley works with visual demonstrations for us cavemen. Joe goes over all the configurations and what things mean. this is not "how to tune" you need to have a solid understanding of how an engine is supposed to work that theory ect. Most of us got that, but it's the software that people get lost on. 

After taking the class my two project cars are running better than ever and i have an understanding of what does what, if adjustments need to be made. i highly recommend this class if you understand how engines and cars work but need to understand how to apply the software to make it work. Class took about a week or two, a couple hours a night.  

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Highly Recommend

Joe is a great instructor , I was over whelmed when i first installed Holley EFI in my Car. I planned on just hiring a tuner then i realized i’d like to make my own adjustments. Now , after “ TTT “ my confidence grew
and i’ve even helped a few friends tune there cars.
Very easy to follow and comprehend. A +

Brian Cirricione
You get nothing

Didn’t receive anything

Great resource

Nothing beats free

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