Holley Boost Smart I/O expansion module (can bus expansion)

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The BoostSmart IO is a CAN BUS based expansion module that is compatible with the Holley Terminator X, Terminator X Max and Dominator ECU’s.


Options included

The T-style harness allows you to connect your BoostSmart directly to your Holley ECU. This harness also provides a pass-through CAN connector allowing additional devices such as the 3.5 inch screen or tuning cable to be connected without using a Y-splitter.

The flying lead harness is approx. 5 feet long allowing you to easily connect the harness to your accessories. All wires are labeled for easy identification.

Real Dash support

Instructions can be downloaded here.



The BoostSmart IO is a CAN BUS based expansion module that is compatible with the Holley Terminator X, Terminator X Max and Dominator ECU’s. Unlike other CAN based expansion module, the BoostSmart was designed with several key features in mind that no other device on the market has addressed and has a price point that makes it affordable for virtually everyone. The BoostSmart is configured using the same Holley PC programming software that you are already using with your ECU and does not require the use of any 3rd party software to configure this IO expansion module.

In order to properly configure your BoostSmart you will need to have a very good understanding of how to use and navigate the Holley tuning software. Basic use will require creating custom input and output channels as well as working with the Holley pin maps and may require building advanced tables depending on your intended use. If you are not familiar with the Holley tuning software then you should seek out a professional for assistance. Due to the nature of this product and an infinite number of possible uses, Swap Smart will not provide assistance with software configuration. If you are unsure that you will be able to configure this product then you should consult the owner’s manual before you purchase this product. You will find a link to the BoostSmart instructions manual in the downloads tab on this page. 

Key Features

  • Dedicated input channel designed to read a variable resistor(aka Dial or Potentiometer)
  • GM/Continental Flex fuel sensor input channel capable of reading both ethanol content and fuel tempeture
  • Built in 5 volt reference for use with automotive sensors
  • (2) User configurable input channels that support: CAN 5V, CAN 20V, CAN Ground(ground switch), CAN +12V(12 switch)
  • (4) User configurable low current ‘Ground Switched’ output channels(pwm outputs are not supported)
  • Built in GM 4 pin alternator circuit w/integrated resistor
  • (2) Styles of Plug & Play power harnesses to choose from
  • (2) Types of IO connection options to choose from
  • Optional: Bluetooth support allowing use with RealDash (See note below for more information)
  • Optional: 8 Channel Keypad support(See note below for compatibility when using a Holley dash)
  • Compatible with Holley IO module(BoostSmart CAN ID can be reassigned if necessary)
  • Compatible with Holley Dashboards(See note below when using 8 channel keypad)


ECU Compatibility Requirements

  • Terminator X & X Max: V2 Build 80 or higher firmware
  • Dominator: V6 Build 220 or higher firmware
  • Windows based PC
  • Holley USB to CAN programming cable

RealDash Compatibility

  • Windows 10 and 11 using a Bluetooth connection
  • All version of Android supported by RealDash using a Bluetooth connection
  • Currently IOS devices are not supported due to a limitation in RealDash


Power Harness

The BoostSmart comes standard with a basic power harness that is designed for a plug and play connection with your Holley ECU.  This harness will plug directly into your ECU’s CAN, if you do not already have a Y splitter then you should consider upgrading to the T-harness option. In order to properly setup and verify your BoostSmart is working correctly you will need to have your BoostSmart IO module and your Holley CAN programming cable both connectected to your ECU simultaneously.

The T-Harness the is offered as an upgrade option and adds a pass-through connection for your ECU’s CAN connector. This allows you to connect the BoostSmart IO power harness without blocking the use of the Holley CAN connector by other devices and prevents the need to use a bulky Y cable.

You should exercise caution when connecting multiple devices to your ECU’s CAN BUS connector. The connector used on the Holley wiring harness to interface with the CAN BUS and ignition power is rated for 3.5 amps, depending on how you have configured your BoostSmart and what other devices you may have connected to your ECU’s CAN BUS connector, it is possible you can exceed the current rating of this connector.


IO Connector

The BoostSmart gives you 2 options to choose between for making connection with the IO connector on the module.

The Standard option is a DIY method that supplies an empty connector housing and loose terminals that require crimping to your existing wiring. These terminals can NOT be crimped with standard wire crimping tools like you would be use with butt connectors or spade terminals.  The terminals are similar to what you would see used on automotive ECU connectors and require crimping tools capable of making a 2 stage crimp. If you are inexperienced with automotive electrical wiring or unfamiliar with how a 2 stage terminal is crimped you should consider upgrading to the fly lead harness.  This option is only intended for individuals who are experienced with automotive wiring.

Upgrade to flying lead style harness. This harness includes a fully assembled IO connector that has been pre-terminated with approx. 5 feet of automotive 20 gauge TXL wiring. Each wire in this harness has been individually labeled and is color coded for easy wire identification.


RealDash Support

RealDash is a DIY app that allows you to create a customized dashboard to display your engines data. Swap Smart has created an example dashboard that is provided free of charge to help you get started with your BoostSmart, the provided dash makes use of all avaible data pids that the BoostSmart is capable of displaying. Due to the nature of RealDash, Swap Smart will not provide assistance or answer any questions related to creating your own dash or alter one of the existing dashboard layouts. Creating or altering an existing a dash layout can be very time consuming and you will need to have a very good understanding of how to use and work with RealDash. Swap Smart has also provided a custom definition file that will allow RealDash to properly read the data pids supported by the BoostSmart. The definition file does not contain or make use of any Holley formated CAN frames, the definition file has been created specifically for use with the BoostSmart IO module and will not be compatible with any other type of device. If you are not experienced with RealDash then you should consult the RealDash forums prior to ordering to determine if you will be capable of setting up and using RealDash. *Note: The BoostSmart is only compatible with Android or Windows PC’s using a Bluetooth connection. Support for RealDash is not provided over the BoostSmarts USB connection. 

**Note: Not all pids supported by Holley ECU’s are avaible. The example dash provided is generic in nature, meaning it has been designed to work with both the Terminator and Dominator ECU’s and not all displayed channels are avaible on the Holley Terminator ECU’s. The only IO channels that are supported are those that are created by the BoostSmart. Any IO channels built into your ECU or created by a CAN IO module will not be displayed. 

***Note: The RealDash support added by the BoostSmart does NOT provide use or access to any type of tune related setting/adjustments and should NOT be considered as a replacement for any of the Holley touch screen displays that are capable of making changes to your ECU’s settings. 

RealDash is not a generic scantool/dash app where the user setup is minimal. Setting up a device to work with RealDash or creating/altering a dash layout can be time consuming and may require a great deal technical skill. If you are looking for a solution that provides a simple “plug and play” type of setup, then you should consider using a Holley dash.


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