25’ roll Striped TXL wire

Color: 20 AWG White with black stripe
Sale price$ 3.75


Sold in 25’ coils, no exceptions
All wire is priced per 25 foot coil
 So, what does TXL stand for? TXL (thin-wall cross-linked) wire is a stranded, single-conductor copper wire with cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Due to its extra-thin wall, this wire is low-weight and has a small insulation thickness. TXL wire has a temperature rating of -51°C to +125°C, making it ideal for automotive applications that require high heat and extreme cold reliability. Due to its high durability, TXL wire is optimal for engine compartments and other applications requiring a lightweight wire of a small diameter. It is rated to SAE J-1128, Ford (M1L-123A), and Chrysler (MS-8288) standards.
Conductor stranding
20 AWG 7/28
18 AWG 16/30

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