Monkey Fab supplies products to an amazing group of builders and enthusiasts so we thought it was time to show off our customers' hard work to the community!

We invite you to share your build with us, including photos, details, what inspired you or motivates you, and any other companies you want to give a shout out to. We will select one customer every two weeks and feature their build on the website until the next Featured Ride is chosen.

Each featured customer will receive a Monkey Fab gift card!
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Let's congratulate Richard Sabol and his 1996 S10 as our second Featured Ride!

Richard's S10 started as a father-son project with a healthy SBC/th400 combo that they put together for street/strip fun. After hurting the first motor, they went to a Turbo 5.3 LS tuned with a Microsquirt ECU and ended up going 11's. This setup eventually slung a rod so Richard and his dad upgraded to a  6.0 LS with MS3Pro EVO and broke in to the 9's. At this point it was time for chassis and other major upgrades with plans of going faster so they added a chrome moly 8.50 cage, revised the suspension, bigger turbo, and more. The truck got in to the 8's and they were working on getting it consistent when Richard's dad sadly passed away. This was an understandably tough time but Richard amazingly poured his effort in to the truck to finish it out for the following Spring season. The 4000lb long wheelbase truck wheelied the first time out and has been getting more consistent on prepped and non-prepped surfaces lately. He is now able to share this project with his daughter and enjoy cruising it a little more regularly and the Monkey Fab family is overjoyed to hear that they can share this passion together. 

Richard would first like to thank his wife, Barb, for being understanding for the time spent on the truck. Danica, for being by his side and supporting along the way, and a big thanks to his dad for creating the passion for him.

He'd also like to thank Monkey Fab for fuel lines, V-bands and other miscellaneous parts, Bullseye turbos, TRZ, Nicky Bobby Inc, AFCO, Calvert Racing, 417 Motorsports, and DIYAutoTune.

We appreciate Richard's support and are proud to feature his S10! He's receiving some Monkey Fab swag and a $150 gift card to the Monkey Fab web store!

Monkey Fab's very first featured ride is Jack Crawford's 1972 Ford LTD!

Jack's LTD "Yacht 1" was purchased by his great grandparents in 1971. It stayed in the family and Jack inherited it during his senior year of high school. Jack built Yacht 1 for Drag-N-Drives and No Prep events, and deceptively punches out 8-second quarter mile passes using 408 cubic inches of LS power fed by a 94mm GT55 turbo and backed by a stout 4L80e transmission. Jack used Monkey Fab Garage for every hose and fitting, and all the turbo hot side and cold side parts!
Even more impressive yet- during the submission period for this first Featured Ride, Jack completed the Rocky Mountain Race Week event in 2nd place in the Unlimited Class and even WON the No-Time Sweet 16 shootout at the end of the event.

Jack would like to give a shout out to 918 Motorsports, Lucito's Racing Engines, Brian Tooley Racing, Snake Eater Performance, Jake's Performance, Forced Performance Turbos, and ZIP Performance.

We are appreciative of Jack's support and are proud to Feature Yacht 1 on the Monkey Fab website! Please enjoy some swag and a $150 gift card Jack!